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Sam is a story about an alien on the run, a world nearing death, a family that will not quit, and how they all change each other.

Sam is an interactive comic by illustrator and designer Laurent Hrybyk. The goal of this story is to explore how the comic form can exist on digital media without just mirroring the print alternative. The result is a story that combines subtle animations, puzzles, and clickable visuals to help tell the story. This version is the current demo build which is about 1/3rd of the actual finished first book. The final product will be released at the end of the year,

The sounds/score of the game were produced by the Brooklyn musician Eric Littman, who also plays music under the name Steve Sobs and Phantom Power. He is also apart of the music collective known as Phantom Posse.

A downloadable demo of the game will available soon at

The Kickstarter is now live!!